Where the Languished Slumber

by Kruksog

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released November 17, 2016

All vocals and instruments by Margaritka Georgieva. All lyrics written and performed by Margaritka Georgieva.


all rights reserved



Kruksog Los Angeles, California

Medieval lullabies.

Kruksog is the solo dark folk project of Margaritka Georgieva also known as Maldoror.

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Track Name: заклет на геноцид
Glare eyes gaping at the kingdom thou cannot reach
Behold vast communion you will never cease
What prize left you intolerable as slander plagues
For God will hearken once your victory swells extinct

May the celestial savior rise once more in toil
To watch these tribes of cretin
Descend in thy lecherous shame!
Come down King from your altar
Amongst these fragments I shall ascend
To spread the sacred no mortal can forget.

You’d beseech to nurture every simpleton in this schism
For your muscle harvests extortion
With motherhood does your first candle
Go up in menacing flames
Come to me kneeling forward in forlorn muted faith.
O Redeemer, forgive me but no longer will man ever
quell his festering chance!
Track Name: The Sailor's Apparition
Aging, dimming (x2)

Prey to the teeth
The steel you know gleams
Prey of the hail
that falls on your knees
Prey for the weak
Hold the weight of the gun when it slides
Untie the bow before the flight

Aging, dimming (x2)

If I ever notice one with tempting eyes
I will leave them roses
A gun to make me blind
Until better time
Track Name: The Dance of Wolfsangel
Like a shard in the dolphin fin
I wage these waters into war
I want to embrace this golden grace
A time for defeat
To surrender to burden and taste the sweet meat
Of the navy fleet we digest
We honour the quest
And we destroy the rest
We bleed from the chest to feed your said guest
To be your new pest from the realm of regret

Mist in the hills, give to the prince
Reunion at dusk: a ballroom dance
Who runs from his luck
Behind the mirror of lewd, is it you?
My sweet fled guest, I’ll feed you until the end
And when the crickets stop
I will mop what is left and the quest I will pause.

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